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Gift of the Future

"Southern Catholic College affords a rare opportunity for quality, faith-based education in the southeast. I enthusiastically support its mission."
-Archbishop John F. Donoghue

The future is God's gift to us. The future stirs our deepest creativity and calls for our best ingenuity, imagination, and originality. The future is God's way of leading us forward. You are invited to share your best creativity and encouragement. With your support, we will build well--with simplicity, wisdom, and compassion.

With your participation, a center of learning will be created that will be treasured by countless young people prepared to succeed in life. Pope John Paul II set the stage for the future when he wrote, "The conditions of the society in which we live oblige all of us therefore, to revise methods, seek by every means, to study how we can bring the Christian message to modern man."

Southern Catholic College will be a major step taken to answer Holy Father's call. Your gift will make possible a future where young people will learn to live forward to their best possibilities. Your example will help them discover more fully the gift of generosity. Christ will come to them and show them the power of sacrifice and love.

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