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tudent Life & Residence Life

Residence Life

One of the distinctive characteristics about Southern Catholic College is its residential life program. By living on campus, students become members of a residential community. As community members, students have a chance to shape their living environment through their participation in a wide variety of cultural, academic, and social recreational activities and programs. Through a strong residential life program, it is hoped that students will develop new interests, broader perspectives, increased self-awareness, and enhanced interpersonal skills.

Successful group living is dependent on cooperation and the responsible exercise of personal freedom. Each member of a community needs to be aware of his or her rights and privileges, and be prepared to act in ways which do not infringe on the rights and privileges of others. The right to study and sleep in one’s own room has the highest priority at all times.

Residence Hall

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Student Life

"Catholic universities are essential to the growth of the whole Church and to the development of Christian culture and human progress."
-Pope John Paul II

Southern Catholic College believes strongly in the dignity and worth of the individual and will create an atmosphere conducive for a healthy mind, body, and soul. The college experience should be challenging, rewarding, educational, and fun. Student life will encourage activities that uplift the individual while glorifying God and all creation.

  • A full range of intramural athletic competition will be offered; a new gym and first-rate workout facilities will help students remain physically fit.

  • Intercollegiate athletics, including cross-country, soccer, and basketball will eventually allow students the opportunity to compete against themselves and other schools.

  • Numerous student organizations will allow opportunities for leadership and community building. National student organizations like COMPASS, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and the Pre-Law Society will help Southern Catholic students network with students from across the country. A wide variety of social activities will create friendships and promote community.

  • Over time, a full range of creative and performing arts, including drama, music appreciation, chorus, and art history will allow for self-expression and self-exploration.

  • A student retreat center will provide opportunities for weekends of reflection, relaxation, and spiritual growth. Daily Mass will be offered and significant feast days will be celebrated as part of the social calendar.

  • College-sponsored trips into Atlanta will include visits to Braves games, the Shakespeare Tavern, MLK historical site, CNN, and other points of interest found in the largest city in the southeast.

  • The natural beauty of the North Georgia mountains will offer a unique campus experience. Students can explore Amicolola Falls, the Appalachian Trail, and numerous state and national parks, all within short driving distance from campus.

  • As part of the graduation requirement, all students will complete an extracurricular challenge that includes an internship, an intercultural experience, a community service project, and leadership development.

In addition to structured activities, Southern Catholic College's nurturing environment will challenge students to think for themselves as they pursue their interests.

  • Southern Catholic College will provide students with on-going opportunities for public service and community involvement.

  • Students will organize and carry out their own service projects through homeless shelters, Spring Break Campaigns, Meals on Wheels, or possibly their own chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

  • Southern Catholic College will also focus on community issues through its Community Advancement Program. The program's purpose is to propose solutions to the crisis of community that exists at all levels of society-family, church, school, work, city, state, nation and world

Through interdisciplinary programs, seminars, research, and special speakers, the Community Advancement Program will serve as a network and support system for programs all over campus that prepares competent, adaptable citizens.

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