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ore Curriculum

The core curriculum is central to, and structured toward, the fulfillment of Southern Catholic College's fundamental purpose. By stressing critical thinking and problem solving, the core curriculum attempts to foster the individual pursuit of wisdom through formation in intellectual and moral excellence, to foster a mature understanding of the Catholic faith, and to encourage a responsible concern for contemporary society.

In the core courses, students investigate the human condition and man's relation to God, nature, and community. The courses aim at developing in the student both the desire to understand these subjects and the means by which to investigate them. As such, the core provides a broad but firm foundation that enables, in fact asks, the student to raise the most profound questions and to search for true answers. Consequently, the core curriculum will feature courses in philosophy, literature, theology, history, language, and art--those very subjects dedicated to raising questions about the human condition.

The following requirements make up the core curriculum:

Core Classes (each class equals 3 credit hours)

  • English Literature 9 credit hours

  • Philosophy 9 credit hours

  • Theology 9 credit hours

  • History 6 credit hours

  • Language 9 credit hours

  • Math/Science 10 credit hours

  • Social/Political Science 6 credit hours

  • Fine Art 3 credit hours

Total: 61 credit hours 

Third and fourth year students will have a number of electives from which to select an interesting and challenging course of study. All students must complete ten (10) courses within their chosen field of study. A senior year "cohort semester" will provide professional preparation for a variety of careers. Internships will also allow students to experience the realities of professional life while continuing their education.

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