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They still Valuation are notan is land where people think the property investing they should be inireland and it largely comes around to people's Valuations SA sense of privacy around theirown stuff which is cool it is you couldhave trusted advisors for some yeah ithink that's a good point not seeing itas a team sport yeah the trustedadvisors message is really a big oneit's like yep there are a lot of sharksout there so there's a natural you knowI suppose condition around concern thatyou're going to get spooked to and thatsomeone's going to rip you off that's agood initial sort of thought process tohave but but if this if they're makinggood sense they're answering all of yourquestions they're supporting it withevidence then you know those people aregoing to be trusted advisors and they'regoing to help you get a better outcomethey have a folks Ben's in the fieldhe's also buyer's agent but spends a lotof time.

Pacecapital gains strong economic conditionsincluding Cost of Property Valuers Adelaide jobs growth and home I gratianrates have been a large part of thehousing market success in these citiesconcerns around unit supply do appear tobe weighing down the performance of theunit market in Melbourne and Brisbane moso it's arguably good news to seadwelling approvals showing a trendtowards fewer high-rise units accordingto EBS data unit approvals were down bytwenty three point five percent inOctober to be forty one point eightpercent lower compared with October house approvals which tend to show asteadier trend we're down two point fivepercent over the month to be four pointfive percent lower compared with a yearago well approvals remain high comparedwith the long term average it's becomingincreasingly clear that approveddwelling supply has moved through thepeak of the cycle suggesting theconstruction pipeline is likely tofollow suit over the coming year whiledwelling values were generally rising inNovember rental rates have remainedrelatively subdued capital city rentswere down half percent over the past months while dwelling values are up bynine point three percent the.

Up those people who are probablycatch listeners so far I wonderfulthere's a of you thanks for joiningwell obviously been and i started thepodcast back in for every last year andit's now approaching by the end of theyear we expect it to be about a milliondownloads so thank you to you forlistening but today we're really excitedbecause we've got the chief economistfrom the domain group dr. Andrew Wilsonwho's I've heard speak many many times Inever ever get sick of hearing what hehas to say because he is a man who lovesproperty and he's a man who's passionateabout the outlook Australian propertyand so Andrew we should open the battingby why are you so optimistic with theAustralian property outlook well we onlyhave to look at history really Bryce tosee that and as I always say that Ithink it's I mean history shows that'swhat a resilient and robust.

if you've heard it for thefirst time you can obviously get somebenefit from it but if you have heard itall before Ben you haven't actuallyacted on it's exactly what you said itsknowledge it's not wisdom correct so wegot to turn it all in games how ryourself people get out there learn orleverage from the knowledge of the smartones who've gone before you come on Yodayou mind if I call you oh yeah I guess Ishould only get low versa laughing rightnow and then yeah cup of coons freefolks Facebook live September th yeahif you don't have a copy of the book youcan go on to probably probably catch tocome today you forward slash book typein FB live from horn you got a thirtypercent discount of the recommenderretail price how much the same thirtypercent so I'd encourage you to we wouldlove to have you on facebook live andasking those questions because if wedon't get to all we use them as a sourceof topics to discuss here but we plan ongetting to all of them every bit we dolast.

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Southern Catholic College, the first Catholic college in Georgia, is now under development.

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Make moneybut you know sort of a real investmentdecision on hoping and praying what is property valuer do that things are going to happen you need totake action to you know know exactlywhat you're going to turn on and yeah sounfortunately I hope and a prayer isprobably not going to happen you reallyneed to do your numbers do some solidplanning and realize that no matter howbeautiful or how attractive or strategyis there's always pros.